Tuesday Spring Coed 4's
(A/BBB) (BB1) (BB2) (B)  
Casual Sets Ball Huggers Netty Bohs Ball Busters
Swingers My Hits Don't Lie Clarence Thomas Sucks Casual Sets
Don't Forget the Balls Rule 5 DigDugz 9th Floor Beaches
Setter?? I hardly know her My Bumps 4 Life Stupid Zucco Cato & The Dinkwads
One Time at Sand Camp Spicy Hands Old Bay Ballers Ball So Hard
Team B The Flying Rutschman Big Ol' Hitties How'd We Get Sand Down There
School of Block Damage Inc Setter? I hardly know her Talk Setsy To Me
The Blocktor is In Sparks Sharks Penny and the Sets Scupper Heros
Hidden Volley Ranch SANDBUSTERS Natty Boh Ninjas Setting Ducks
Purple Cobras SPIKEYWORMS I Love Ball Blocking Talk to the Sand
Rough Sets EZPass We like 4s Play Can I Get A Bump
In Our Defense New Kids on the Block Johan Sebastian Block High Voltage
Serves You Right Power of Sets Digma Balls  
Ball Maybe The Spikeman Cometh Bump In The Night  
Teams should always check in with Baltimore Beach staff for court assignments