BBV Tuesday Coed 4's
(AA/BB1) (A/BB2) (BB3/B1) (BB4/B2)
Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name
Team B a team DumbleDaddy Talk Setsy To Me
Just the Tip Sand-Slinging Slashers Setters of Catan Talk to the Sand
Magic Ace Ball Daddy 9th floor beaches Tick in the Ass
Spike Proteins Mario Volleyball Howd We Get Sand Down There E-Z Pass
Team Mario Ball Me Maybe Kicking Ace Taking Names Dig It and Quit It
Guys Have Short Balls One Time at Sandcamp Beached Aceholes Bmore Bumpers
One Hit Wonders Don't Forget The Balls We like 4s Play Jose y amigos
 4 Play Casual Sets Heavy Setters Too Old4 Digs
Ball Blockers The Spikeman Cometh Net, Sets, and Chill Ball Huggers
Penny and the Sets I am Not A Cat My Hits Don't Lie Harbor Pigeons
Bolas Et Tu Cara On the Blocks Rule 5 Just A Bump
Sets Workers Purple Cobras Pocket Aces The Pursuit of Slappiness
Swingers Organized Chaos Serves You Right VolleyBohs
Rough Sets Casablockya The Empire Spikes Back Bumpleminizes
Teams should always check in with Baltimore Beach staff immediately upon your arrival for court assignments and announcements
* There will be a brief but mandatory captains meeting the first date of play:
                New teams: 30min before play begins 
               Returning Teams:  during your divisions play
** NOTE:  League play is only guaranteed for those teams that are "Locked In" the league