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Name Gender Divisions Email Phone Type Time2Call Date Registered
Aaron Schroeder m2b c2b c4a   aaron.james.schroeder@gmail.com 17156909256 Cell Phone Anytime Feb 19, 2024
Looking for a doubles partner. Played men's A last season, but my hands are still pretty shaky, so looking to drop to BB for more reps. 6'2", played middle in high school indoor and have played a fair amount of grass the past few years.
Shan f c6b c6c   LT.RANSON@GMAIL.COM Email Only Feb 20, 2024
Jake Galloway m m2b m4bb c2b c4bb   jgson22@yahoo.com 240 405-7778 Cell Phone Anytime Feb 18, 2024
Just moved to Baltimore this past winter. Looking to play 2s and 4s. Coed and/or Mens. Feel free to text or call me.
Oliver Komm m m4bb c2b c4bb   odk1705@gmail.com Email Only Feb 19, 2024
Last 2 years I played BB - hit me up! Would especially love to play Co-Ed 2s
Andrew Danik m m2b m4b c4b c6b c6c   andrew.p.danik@gmail.com 2109479917 Home Phone Email Only Feb 19, 2024
Not super experienced but looking for fun, exercise, and to meet some great people!
Joel Bates m m4bb c4bb c6b   batesjoel@yahoo.com 14104499269 Cell Phone Anytime Feb 19, 2024
6'4" open for any league and division. Just can't play Thursday nights
Jackson Bruce m m2a m2b m4a c2a c4aa c4a   sume.person@gmail.com 7865874976 Cell Phone Anytime Feb 23, 2024
I am 5’11 and played A/BB for my college beach club for 2 years. Haven’t played beach in a couple months so I’m excited to play again, especially doubles
Josh Verdu m m2b c2b c4bb   javerdu23@gmail.com 8282162763 Cell Phone Feb 23, 2024
Looking for competitive BB 2s / 4s Coed and Mens

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