Volleyball Standard Levels of Play Definitions

C (Recreational)

Players may have previous experience or may be new to the game. While this is a competitive play, the main goal at this level is to get out and have some fun. This is a great place to learn the game and begin to develop fundamental skills. Any refereeing at this level will be focused primarily on keeping players safe (i.e. out of the net). If you find yourself expecting ‘cleaner’ play from your opponents then Intermediate may be a better choice for you.

B/BB (Intermediate)

Players at this level have at least a couple years of previous experience on organized teams and may have played in some weekend tournaments.  Players will be expected to have the basic fundamental skills in place and to be able to demonstrate them with some degree of consistency.

A/Open (Advanced)

Players at this level usually have significant previous experience in competitive leagues and weekend tournaments and display strong individual and team skills. Players may specialize in certain positions and teams may run plays and/or use strategic formations.