BBV Wednesday Summer Coed 6s
* Captains, please check in with Baltimore Beach staff immediately upon your arrival.  There will be a brief but mandatory captain meeting the first evening of play:
                New teams: 30min before start time
               Returning Teams: 15min before start time
Team Division/Name Jul 10th Jul 17th Jul 24th Jul 31st Aug 7th Aug 14th Aug 21st
BB DIVISION              
Gorilla Monsoons 6:15pm            
Lets Talk About Sets 6:15pm            
New Kids on the Block 6:15pm            
Hit Faced 6:15pm            
Hog Hammers 6:15pm            
Ballmore 6:15pm            
Baltaritaville 6:15pm            
All Diggity No Doubt 6:15pm            
B DIVISION              
Watchers of the Net 7:15pm            
Empty Sets 7:15pm            
Sand Devils 7:15pm            
Damage Inc 7:15pm            
Serving Cervezas 7:15pm            
Keep Your Balls Out of My Sand 7:15pm            
Some Spike It Hot 7:15pm            
Stranger Digs 7:15pm            
The Setting Ducks 7:15pm            
Spikological Warfare 7:15pm            
C DIVISION              
Tir Na Nog 8:15pm            
Sets in the City 8:15pm            
Volley Llama 8:15pm            
One Bump Chumps 8:15pm            
Mas Servezas 8:15pm            
Six on the Beach 8:15pm            
Sloppier Sets 8:15pm            
The Empire Spikes Back 8:15pm            
Naturday Saints 8:15pm            
Good Job, Good Effort 8:15pm            
You Can't Set with Us 8:15pm            
Net Positive 8:15pm            
M & S 8:15pm            
Ball Busters 8:15pm            
Teams should always check in with Baltimore Beach staff immediately upon your arrival for court assignments