Drop-In Play

 March-April (nice weather days) free

 May-October (most Saturdays-5pm & Sundays-4pm) Free for league members or $5/player/day or $50/player/yr (includes BBV shirt)  Check the website under "Beach Court Status" for specific date/times.

Team Play 

Baltimore Beach runs 8-10 week (depending on demand) team play sessions during the spring, summer and fall.  Specific days and times for all divisions are listed below.  Captains that played in the previous year will be given priority for their division provided they register and pay team fees by the Returning Team Priority Deadline.  Remaining openings will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis that each registration+team fee is received.  Divisions will remain open until filled, any registration received after dates listed below are subject to a late fee.  All fees are due no later than the 1st week of each division's play.  *Note* divisions can and do usually fill before registration deadlines.

DIVISIONS Levels of Play





Spring April14th
to July 3rd
 March 1st
to April 12th
March 22nd
Summer July7th
to September 15th
 May 24th
 to June 21st
June 7th





Monday Men's & Women's 2's (Open,A,BB) Challenge
5:30-7:30 or
 7:30-9:30 pm
Tuesday Coed 4's (AA,A, BB,B)

6:15, 7:15, 8:15 or 9:15pm

Wednesday Coed 6's (A,BB,B,C) Scheduled
6:15, 7:15, 8:15 or 9:15pm
Thursday Men's & Women's 4's (A,BB,B) Challenge
5:30-7:30 or
7:30-9:30 pm


Coed 2's & Juniors 4's


5:30-7:30 or


Rotating Coed4's



Sunday  Coed 6's (A,BB,B,C) Challenge
4-6 or 6-8pm
Open   Semi-Professional
AA   Advanced +
A   Advanced 
BB   Advanced/Intermediate
B   Intermediate
C   Beginner/Recreational
Juniors   12-18 yrs old

click here
For an enhanced description of our Levels of Play



Team Fees


                     *$165 - 2's team (3/roster)

                    *$360 - 4's team (6/roster)

                   *$600 - 6's team (10/roster)

      $50/Junior player, teams will be organized

*10% late charge for fees received after

registration dates


Additional: **$40/sub (more than roster above)

               ***$25 forfeit fee for "scheduled format"

** Players may be added to rosters until 5th wk of session play
Forfeit fees must be paid prior to start of next scheduled match


Example: 8 people playing 4's would be

 $360 for the team fee which covers 6 people on roster

 +2 subs @ $40=$80 for a total of $440 fees


Avoid convenience fees and pay by check made out to

Baltimore Beach

and mailed to:

1317 S. Hanover St.

Baltimore, MD  21230



Pay with Paypal* or Credit Card*

* PayPal convenience fees included

Team Registration and free agents (individual players) begins in March.

Individual players "Free Agents" can register on the website which will list their information under the Free Agent heading, those not recruited by an existing team may be placed on a team organized by the league commissioner to the best of our ability.  Please feel free to utilize the Free Agents list to organize your own team.  No fees are collected from Baltimore Beach until you organize a team or are picked up by one.

Team Fees are due before anyone can be locked into a league due to high demands
*Anyone who desires to play but has difficulty in paying fees please email Todd@BaltimoreBeach.com to discuss payment options.  We work hard to accommodate everyone who desires to play at the beach!
*Champions at the highest level for their league (2's, 4's, 6's) will receive gratis team fees for their next spring or summer registration within 1yr of the team's championship, provided they register and request gratis use by the "returning team deadline".
FORFEIT FEES ($25 paid to opponent's sponsor restaurant tab) are charged to any teams not making a Scheduled Match time.

Inclement Weather Policy Our "Rainout Text Service" has the latest beach/play status updates ASAP.  The website will have updated info daily after on each game day under the heading “Beach Court Conditions”.   Baltimore Beach Volleyball is not responsible for games cancelled by weather or other conditions beyond our control.  However, we will make every effort to re-schedule any cancelled games at the end of the season; two(2)wks maximum weekday makeup dates, other(s) will be scheduled on weekend days.

Scheduled Format (Tue,Wed) traditional scheduling, each team will get a designated start time and court assignment 6:15, 7:15, 8:15 or 9:15pm alternating each week.  Scheduling request should be brought up ASAP and must be made before your league begins.  15min grace period to begin match before 1st game is forfeited, additional 15min delay the match will be declared a forfeit.

Challenge Format (Sun, Mon, Thu, Fri & Sat) flexible scheduling to accommodate the needs of all players summer schedules we run - a round robin type of format - with a twist.  Basically what this means is: each week that your team is able to play, you show up to the courts anytime during your assigned division night and 2hr+ session time. Once enough players from your team arrive to compete, you will be given a card with your team name on it.  Place that card on the standard (pole that holds up the net) in order of arrival "first-come, first-serve" ......or in this case play. The cards and teams will rotate so that everyone gets to play, normally two games in a row.  Points are given for number of games played and won, total points determine position in playoffs. This system allows your team to miss a week, not be penalized, as there are a number of weeks during the season to earn points.

It's a system that usually results in more playing time. The winning team captains are responsible for making sure that their games are recorded correctly.  Our intent in creating this system was to play more games within  a flexible schedule and a fun social atmosphere!

Playoffs seeding will be determined by league record/standing, all teams make playoffs.  All playoff champions will receive prizes, champions at the highest level for their division (2's, 4's, 6's) will receive gratis fees. (see Fees above)


  • Discount for Team Players w/validation ticket for the Marina garage east of Rash Field in front of the Rusty Scupper Restaurant

  • $2/hr Meters along Key Hwy and along the east end of Federal Hill (Covington St.)

  • Free anything south of 1100blk of Covington St (south of Cross St), bit of a walk to the beach

  • Parking at Rash Field is prohibited

Beverages/food and leashed pets are welcome on the beach, provided you clean up after them and yourself.

Sponsor Restaurants

  • Little Havana Daily food specials, $3.50 SweetWater Beer(s)
  • MaGerks Daily food specials, $3 SweetWater Beer(s)

Sponsor restaurants provide food and/or drink specials on any evening.
(current year jersey must be worn to receive specials)

   Your comments, ideas, and suggestions are welcome. 


 Thanx, T 

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