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Name Gender Divisions Email Phone Type Time2Call Date Registered
Claudia Jolin f w2a w2b w4a w4bb c2b c4bb c6a   claudia.freeland@gmail.com 4434544600 Cell Phone Anytime Feb 28, 2018
5′11" player ready to have fun!
Dane Ilagan f w4b c6c   dmvilagan@gmail.com 4437994366 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 3, 2018
Evie Dibben f w2b w4bb w4b c4bb c4b c6b   evie.l.dibben@gmail.com 7202522867 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 9, 2018
I′ve played a ton of beach volleyball. I haven′t played much in the last year and I miss the sand between my toes.
Kristen f w4a w4bb c4a c4bb   Kristennvb@gmail.com 4439910423 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 21, 2018
I am 5′2 DS looking to play for a coed 4′s team and/or a woman′s 4′s! I play on Wednesday′s at the beach on Sunday coed A at volleyball house! Looking for fun but competitive playing!! I can set if needed
Gabby Boggs f w4a w4bb w4b c4a c4bb c4b c6a   gboggs09@yahoo.com 4104047926 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 22, 2018
Played High school, college, club, beach for the past 8 years, rash field and sandlot leagues, competitive, but having fun is the goal
Laura Russell f w4a w4bb c4bb   russell.laura3@gmail.com 2409251904 Cell Phone Evenings Only Mar 26, 2018
I currently play on a women′s indoor A league at volleyball house. I′ve played on a women′s 4 A beach division in previous years.
Emily Cox f jrg2   Fvirylightz32@gmail.com Email Only Email Only Mar 28, 2018
Normally run a Block-base defense
Debbie Lesser f w4bb w4b c4a c4bb c4b c6a c6b c6c   debbiehlesser@gmail.com 4434216444 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 29, 2018
Megan Simmons f w2o w4a c2a c4a   msimmons0812@hotmail.com 8437292609 Cell Phone Anytime Apr 1, 2018
Volleyball has been a passion of mine forever, i haven′t played in a while but looking to get back into the game. Please contact me to play in your league.
Astrid V Pierce f c6c   astrid.bharath@yahoo.com 4435621110 Cell Phone Daytime Only Apr 2, 2018
Played both seasons last year, here to have fun.
Mai f w4a w4bb w4b c4bb c4b c6a c6b c6c   Mai_k_xiong@hotmail.com 3309076427 Email Only Email Only Apr 4, 2018
I’m 5’1 but my defense is pretty on point and I do have consistencies on ball control. I have played volleyball throughout my whole life. I have played in a competitive team where we have traveled to MN and MI to compete in tournaments.
Kailen f w2o w2a w2b w4a w4bb c2a c2b c4a c4bb   keharris63@gmail.com 8082952761 Cell Phone Anytime Apr 7, 2018
Just moved to the area, played indoor in college but have enjoyed outdoor the since..
Audrey Smith f w4bb w4b c6b c6c   audreyesmith@gmail.com 8017128494 Cell Phone Apr 9, 2018
Angie Paz f w2b w4a w4bb c4a c4bb c6a   Angvpaz21@gmail.com 7034770602 Email Only Email Only Apr 13, 2018
Defensive Specialist and pretty solid server looking to play this summer:)
Erika J f w4bb w4b c4bb c4b   erijon995@gmail.com 9089176934 Cell Phone Evenings Only Apr 16, 2018
Kait Kozak f w2o w2a w4a c2a c4aa c4a   kait.kozak@gmail.com 8143863661 Cell Phone Anytime Apr 17, 2018
Ian Schwab m m4bb m4b c4bb c4b c6b   ianschwab@hotmail.com 2024680352 Cell Phone Feb 27, 2018
Played a couple seasons last summer and had a great time. Looking for a team for this spring and summer.
Jay DeVito m c4bb c6b   charm.city.committee@gmail.com 4434132528 Email Only Mar 1, 2018
With days of practice will return to past ability from organized/competitive team play indoors/outdoors. Great range. Bump+set correctly-spike with power-Serving will take longest to get back. 5′11" above average jump. TEXTING OK
Damir Grljevic m m4a m4bb m4b   damir512@vt.edu 7035818695 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 1, 2018
6 FOOT 4
Marvin Harrison m c6c   marvinharrison.harrison21@gmail.com 4439394774 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 5, 2018
Have played often the last few years...while I′m not the greatest, I′m not the worst... looking for Coed 6′s and good times on the sand
Art Aglubat m m4bb m4b   artaglubat@yahoo.com 4439962402 Cell Phone Evenings Only Mar 5, 2018
Played both seasons last year as on 4′s in the B league.
Marin Kobilarov m m2a m2b m4a m4bb c2a c2b c4a c4bb   marinkobi@gmail.com 3104309011 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 8, 2018
6′1", played for years when living on the west coast, have not played actively since moving to Baltimore, ready to get back into it. Mostly interested in doubles, fours is OK too.
Luke L m m4bb m4b c4bb c4b c6b c6c   lukeland94@gmail.com 4109495502 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 12, 2018
Excited to play some beach volleyball. 6′3′′
Bobby Johnson m m2a m2b m4a m4bb   shortcutzz@gmail.com 2404177103 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 13, 2018
Benoy kurian m m4bb m4b c2b c4a c4bb c4b c6b c6c   benoy8086@gmail.com 9738734700 Cell Phone Evenings Only Mar 13, 2018
5 ′ 11 , strong serve , have been playing beach for last 5 years looking for like minded team
Michael White m c4bb c6b c6c   mpwhhite@comcast.net 4102364336 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 15, 2018
over 15 years experience playing courts & sand
Joseph Maria m m2b m4bb m4b c4bb c4b c6b c6c   jmaria20@hotmail.com 5164583786 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 16, 2018
8 year veteran. Strong at bumping and setting.
Alex m c4bb c4b c6b c6c   alsankov@yahoo.com 4436942862 Mar 16, 2018
I have been playing in C/B leagues/drop in for a few years. 6′6
sean p monahan m c6b c6c   spmrealtor@gmail.com 4438028675 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 19, 2018
5′9 in sandals...like cold beer
Trevor Wood m m2a c2a   Trevor.D.Wood2@gmail.com 5408467024 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 27, 2018
6ft tall hopefully still have my ups. On and off playing for years. Started in VA beach area. Would love to play some good doubles.
John Liu m m4a c4a c4bb   jliu13@gmail.com 4104584867 Cell Phone Anytime Mar 30, 2018
I′ve played M4A and C4A/BB for over a decade at Rash. Had to take off a couple years because of kids, but am back now that they′re older. Have been playing indoor 6′s pickup just to keep fresh in the meantime. 5′8" Outside or opposite hitter.
Alfi Rosyidi m c4bb c4b   arosyidi29@gmail.com 2409382906 Cell Phone Evenings Only Apr 1, 2018
Started playing last year in BB league and also on the weekends. Looking to have fun and get better. 5′11′′
Joseph Strochak m m4bb m4b   jstrochak@gmail.com 3012139030 Cell Phone Anytime Apr 2, 2018
Jake Yocum m m4a c2a c4aa c4a   jry12@georgetown.edu 3017889445 Cell Phone Anytime Apr 4, 2018
Jesse Yutig m m2b m4bb m4b c2b c4bb c4b   underfire32@gmail.com 4436006065 Cell Phone Anytime Apr 5, 2018
zach rowland m m4b c4b c6b c6c   zach.d.rowland@gmail.com 2402372880 Cell Phone Anytime Apr 10, 2018
anybody need a another to fill a squad?
Jesse Fox m m2b m4bb c2b c4bb   foxjessem@gmail.com 9196068094 Cell Phone Evenings Only Apr 11, 2018
Normally on the courts on the weekends.
Mark m c2a c2b c4aa c4a   mtaylor_1414@yahoo.com 3018079408 Cell Phone Anytime Apr 11, 2018
Played in HS, club level, USVBA, leagues and plenty of tourneys on Grass/Sand (2’s, 4’s and 6’s - Reverse Coed). Experienced player, universal player and looking to play some competitive ball, make friends and have fun.
Austin Strine m m2b m4bb m4b c2b c4bb c6b   Nitsuastrine@gmail.com 3017486891 Cell Phone Anytime Apr 12, 2018
I was a Decathlete in NCAA track and field in college. Loads of jumping, running, and throwing. I played rec team volleyball. I workout every day also, so I hope to still be in shape :). I am hoping to make some friends and have fun!
Nick Havrilak m m4bb c2b c4bb c6b c6c   nickhavr93@gmail.com 7243442330 Cell Phone Anytime Apr 13, 2018
live within walking distance of court, will play any night!
Scott Kronzek m c4a c4bb c4b   scottkronzek@gmail.com 2405061747 Cell Phone Anytime Apr 13, 2018

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