Baltimore Beach Coed 2B Playoffs Summer 2017
Best of 3 games to 21 points (25pt cap) 3rd game to 15 points (No Cap) 
*Please "check-in" with Baltimore Beach staff for court assignment, 15min grace period before forfeit
1 Mantis Toboggan
  Mantis Toboggan
8 Serenity Now  
  Serenity Now  
9 Free Ballers  
Oct 13th 6:15pm*  
4 Setting up for failure  
  Setting up for failure    
13 New Kids on the Block      
Oct 13th 5:30pm*    
5 Honey Badgers  
  Beach Huskies    
12 Beached Huskies  
Oct 13th ASAP*  
3 Beach Pleaseee    
  Beach Pleaseee  
6 Chrissara    
11 Crispy Kat    
Oct 13th 6:15pm*  
7 Blueberries
10 Swing it like you mean it    
  I'd Hit That
2 I'd Hit That